Wednesday, October 3, 2007

October Giveaway from Mostly Bears

Here's a preview of our October drawing. To enter, just leave a comment here, or send me an email to mostlybears*at*liveline*dot*com, for your chance to win the following:
Mary Meyer Rosalyn plush bear 16": Second Nature Quarry Critters figurine 4":Steiff Good Luck Pendant 4" mohair bear: Annette Funicello teacup bear "Mint Medley":
Just like the last drawing, when I get enough entries to make it interesting (or at the very least, at the end of October), I'll do the drawing and post the winners here. Good luck!

1 comment:

bearjunkie said...

Happy Halloween, Trish! Hope you have a lot of trick or treaters!

Can you order a Christmas Jester from Deb Canham? He is soooooo cute!