Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Winners of Goodies

Hello fellow teddy bear lovers~ Happy Election Day!!

I hope you all have been out to VOTE!

And, just so you know...good ol' Starbucks isn't the only one giving stuff away today! (Did you get your free coffee yet?)

Here's the latest winners of the Mostly Bears November Giveaway goodies. (I used your partial email addresses...hopefully you'll recognize yourself!!)

Number 1: Muffy Vanderbear as Goldilocks, to "bearwarn@":

Number 2: Itty bitty blue elephant from Mary Meyer, from "colts4us@":

Number 3: Steiff keychain, plush donkey, to "ednoracres@":

Number 4: Christmas Tree Topper from Boyds, to "flyandsew@":

Number 5: A scruffy little artist bear, to "jackie@":

Number 6: A Gund collectible guy. He would be a cutie with a knitted sweater, to "jtruck@": Now it's back to the TV for me, gotta watch those returns!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Wisdom of Bears

Any Plans for November 4th?
How about...

From Ghoulies & Ghosties

My grandson loves SKELETONS!
So I made this little pillow for him to carry in his stroller for Hallowe'en:

I used a onesie that he grew out of long ago for the fabric.
Then I drew the bones with a Copic marker and stitched around the outside of the drawing and stuffed a little stuffing inside...
Then I used the pocket from the onesie to put a little Hershey's Kiss Holder on the back. (Ok, so the pocket is a little low...but notice I really didn't consult my anatomy textbooks before drawing the bones either...just go with it...!)

Happy Hallowe'en to all my fellow teddy bear lovers!!

P.S. Don't forget the drawing Nov. 4th for the stuff shown below. Sign up for our newsletter or leave a comment to be entered.

P.P.S. Check out our ebay store for a half dozen artist bear auctions to benefit the Community Food Bank.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Hello from Mostly Bears

Hello fellow teddy bear lovers~ I hope this finds you all well.

I've got something to say this week as I watch the news...

It's time to hug your bear!

With that in mind...I figured it's time for another Mostly Bears Giveaway.

But first...here's a little inspiration for your frazzled nerves: (I caught this photo here in Tucson a couple of weeks ago during one of our last monsoon storms of the summer.)

And now for our giveaway prizes:

Number 1: Muffy Vanderbear as Goldilocks:

Number 2: Itty bitty blue elephant from Mary Meyer:

Number 3: Steiff keychain, plush donkey:

Number 4: Christmas Tree Topper from Boyds:

Number 5: A scruffy little artist bear:

Number 6: A Gund collectible guy. He would be a cutie with a knitted sweater:

The drawing will be held on November 4th...Election Day! As usual, the winners will be chosen from our email mailing list. (so if you're not on the mailing list yet, you can join by sending me an email at mostlybears@gmail.com.) Or, just leave a comment below and we'll add you to the list!!

Good luck to everyone this time around!

And speaking of election day...here's a fun & timely ebay auction I have listed right now.

"Bearack for President" by artist Lulu Tatum! It will be fun to see if "Bearack" gets adopted! Here's the link to the auction if you'd like to follow along!


Saturday, June 28, 2008

June '08 Newsletter

Hello fellow teddy bear lovers!

Summer is usually a quiet time here in Tucson. But this summer seems to be an exception so far. It's been a fun and exciting month filled with bear making, new shipments, giveaways and other stuff! I'll try to catch you up on what's been going on here in the store.
First of all, our June drawing is complete and here are the winners!

Prize #1)A little pink pig from Quarry Critters...the winner "diatom2@"

Prize #2)A little artist bear by Cheri Olney of Cher's Bears: OK, there's a problem with this one...see below...

I think maybe someone may have absconded with this little bear!!! Here's what I found on my storeroom shelf when I went to get this bear for the drawing:


Until I find out where the cutie little bear has been misplaced to, and the cutie little Mister who probably misplaced her (my grandson loves bears!)...I will substitute the following bear for this month's prize:
Prize #2(revised): A little artist bear in vintage shoe by Monica Murray...and the winner is: donna@!

Prize #3) Deb Canham Little Gems Christmas Bunny...winner is lilbear@!
And last but not least:

And the winner is:jnlnov20@!

Congratulations to all our winners! I will contact you all separately to arrange delivery or pickup.

We'll have another drawing as soon as I get it put together!!


June Class

Mary Ann's bear making class in June was a great success and some really lovely bears were born over the course of the weekend. Here's a snapshot of the finished class bears for your enjoyment.

Isn't it amazing how uniquely different everyone's bears are...same pattern and fabric...different artist!


Coming Up ~ July Bear Making Class!

Come on in out of the heat and take a class with Mary Ann Neisz ... you won't want to miss this one!

We invite you to join Mary Ann Neisz at Mostly Bears for a new two-day bear making class! Class will be held July 19th and 20th (Saturday and Sunday) from 10-5 each day. Mary Ann will be teaching the beautiful curly mohair collectible bear shown.

"Cubby" is a 10" long (& 6" tall) bear on all 4's. He is made from the ultra soft long curly mohair fabric. He has an open mouth design with sculpted feet, jointed limbs and a double jointed neck. All supplies and fabrics are included in the class price of $135. Students should bring their basic sewing and/or bear making tools (scissors, needles, etc.)

This is an intermediate class. However, if you are a beginner and would like to make this bear, Mary Ann can work with you on Wednesdays in July to help you prep or after the class to help you finish your bear on Wednesdays during our regular bear making group. There's no charge for the Wednesday groups.

We hope you will consider making this really outstanding bear! Visit the bear making webpage at www.mostlybears.com/bear_making_classes.htm for more info or to sign up. ( Or email us at mostlybears@gmail.com ... or of course you can always give us a call at the store!)

Here are some more views of "Cubby":


New Stuff...

We are periodically getting our shipments in from Steiff and this month have seen the Bears in a Tin "William and Henry", a lovely mohair golden retriever puppy and all the new intermediate sized classic bears, including the new long legged, big eared, scruffy series called the "big foot bears".

I have also just gotten shipping notices on the Buddha bear, Beijing Panda, Sigi Hedgehog & Mr. Hopkins along with a whole lot of other goodies! Everything Steiff is on sale right now (see below), so it's a good time to check it out.

From Hansa, we just got in the most beautiful Sun Bear, he's huge and wonderful!



In honor of summer, we've put loads of items on sale here at the store.

Until mid July, we will have:

*All plush Gund and Mary Meyer items 50% off.

*$25 off any Steiff purchase of $75 or more or 10% off your purchase, whichever is greater. (Steiff club members, we will combine this sale with your normal 10% off!)

*"Archive" bears (artist pieces that have spent a good deal of time here at the store and need a home!) on sale at 20-75% off! I have created a page on the Mostly Bears website at www.mostlybears.com/artistsale.htm so you can see the artist pieces that have been listed on sale so far. I will keep adding items as I can get photos taken. We hope you can stop in or stop by the website to take a peek. Online ordering is available on the artist sale page.


Until next time, I wish you all a happy summer wherever you are spending it. And a special hope for all our midwestern friends who are still drying out & recuperating that they have sunny dry days ahead.

Sincere thanks,


Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Appropriate Old Postcard

This was sent to me by a wonderful bear maker who just happens to be an Obstetric Nurse Practitioner on the side:

Thank you Rebecca!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

California Screamin' and New Giveaway

Hi y'all!
Well, we survived...er...I mean "returned safely" from our trip to Disneyland with the grandkids. It was an Adventure...

It turns out we have a daredevil granddaughter who took a liking to the California Screamin' rollercoaster. (I kid you not...that's the name of the thing!) She rode it not once, not twice but SIX times in two days!

Of course, yours truly offered to capture the moment for posterity (i.e. take a photo from a safe distance away) while this incredibly terrifying ride takes off at what looks like the speed of light!

An unsuspecting auntie Katie offered to ride along on the first ride of the day and said afterwards: "Great NAME for that ride...I screamed at the top of my lungs the whole time!"Not even hugging your teddy bear would help you on California Screamin'!!

By the way, my favorite ride was Soarin' over California, so I must say I'm not a complete scaredy-cat. So there!

Here's a few giveaways for this month: (Be sure to leave a comment here or join our mailing list to be entered.)
1)A little pink pig from Quarry Critters:

2)A cutie little artist guy by Cheri Olney of Cher's Bears:

3) Deb Canham Little Gems Christmas Bunny:

And last but not least:

I'll have the drawing on the 21st of May during Mary Ann's next bear making class weekend.

And finally, as John Stewart would say, here's your "moment of zen":

(taken from the bluffs overlooking the beach near San Diego. We found a cool campground with this view...unbelieveble...25 bucks a night!) Enjoy!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Trish Is Still Blogging Stuff from Two Weeks ago

Hello fellow Teddy Bear lovers! Yes, this is me:I'm still recuperating from the Adventure (aka fallen into a period of extreme unmotivation & sidetrackedness) and I'm just now getting my act together enough to post a few more photos here on the blog.

Well, maybe it wasn't total unmotivation, as Mary Ann and I taught ourselves Continental knitting on Wednesday instead of doing bear stuff.

However, back on topic, here's a basket hare in process from the rabbit/bear class:

And two happy Hare Makers, BB & Julie, with Steve:
And BB with her wonderful purchase of an SS Admiral, a Laura Sanchez/Steve Schutt collaborative limited edition piece:
As soon as I steal (er, I mean, borrow with permission) some photos off of Laura's CD...which, by the way, is being copied for certain groupies as I type this thanks to my tech savvy personnel working in the back office...I will post more photos here.

Until then, a little pictoral of he who shall not be named...(which is what we call him when we don't want him to know we're talking about him)...getting ready for the upcoming road trip:Hey! Don't try to pawn off that little baby car on me, Nana!
I'm old enough to drive the real thing!
We'll be closed Wednesday April 16th and Saturday April 19th for our *hopefully* annual family trip to Disneyland, which this year will include 4 generations. (We will see how this one goes before we officially make it an annual shindig!)

Whoo Whee! I'll try to post "from the road"...maybe a Mickey Mouse sighting or something!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Credit where Credit is Due

Hi All,
Just a quick note to let everyone know that most of the photos that have been posted so far from Steve Schutt Adventure 2008 are courtesy of Laura Sanchez. Thanks Laura for agreeing...in advance...to my using them on the blog. And for being an awesome photographer. And I'm sorry I didn't give you credit sooner...my oversight!!
I will try to get a few more pics from the rabbit class posted soon.
Enjoy your Saturday!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Raffle Winner!!!


The winner of the Raffle Bear, Knut, was Linda R. from Texas! Thanks Linda for your generous donation and thank you to everyone who bought tickets for this drawing. We raised over $200 for the ACW. A great cause! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Cat Class and Beyond

Ok, fellow teddy bear lovers and groupies...as Steve Schutt Adventure is still humming along...I have finally gotten my fatigued little fingers to blog...catching you up with day two of the cat/bear class and then a few pics from the Signing and Show on Sunday:Let's Make Cats!
Some of Steve's creations:
The consummate teacher:A happy bear: (with lunch)And The Mostly Artist Bears signing & show on Sunday:
Sandy Czaja
Mary Ann Neisz
Steve Schutt
Have some goodies...have some Chocolate!
Last, but not least, "Honorary Groupie"...rare photo... (thanks guys!)Stay tuned for Bunny Class Report, as Steve Schutt Adventure Continues....