Monday, November 29, 2010

We're ba-a-ack!

After a long weekend of playing hooky from Mostly Bears... we're back & ready to celebrate the holiday season!
First up ~

Our Steiff Trunk Show is scheduled for Sunday, December 12th from noon to four pm.
Come join us and "Play Steiff"!

See the new Fall & Winter releases~ Buy some tickets for our raffle to Benefit Ben’s Bells~

Door prizes ~ Refreshments ~ In-Store Specials

Unique “Scratch & Dent” items from Trish’s store-room ~ (you KNOW that's where the "good stuff" is...:)

Hope you can join us!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Gift Idea # 2

Christmas Countdown ~ 33 days 'til Christmas...
If you're looking for a wonderful, unique gift for someone special,
(or a sweet little pick-me-up for yourself :),
Mostly Bears can help!

Gift Idea #2:

Santa Bear by Steve Schutt
This was the prototype bear for our recent class.
He's all mohair, standing about 15" in size, fully jointed with old shoe button eyes.

He has felt feet!

A festive Santa... and a great expression!

Steve Schutt Santa Bear is $240. Send me an email if you'd like him for your own... or we will gift wrap and send him directly to your "someone special" Domestic shipping is free.


Saturday, November 20, 2010

Gift Idea #1

Christmas Countdown ~ 35 days 'til Christmas...

If you're looking for a wonderful, unique gift for someone special,
(or a sweet little pick-me-up for yourself :),
Mostly Bears can help!

Gift Idea #1:
From artist-extraordinaire Sandy Czaja
made from re-purposed fur coats,
lovingly stitched and sculpted...

Far left, "Lil' Bit" , a 13" mink bear, light brown color. $185.

Second from left, "Smudge", an 8" mink bear, light brown color. $150

3rd from left, "Smudge 2", an 8" mink bear, light brown color. $150.

Far right, "Mimi", a 13" dark brown Russian squirrel fur bear.

Send me off an email if you'd like one of these lovelies for your own... or for someone special...

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Beaded Choker Necklaces

It turns out these little necklaces are hard to photograph! But here's some of the better snapshots anyway, for your viewing enjoyment. These fun chokers are easy to make and you can use ALL sorts of beads. We used semi-precious stone beads and Mary Ann gave us loads of choices.

The workshop is $20 plus the cost of the beads (they range in price from $10-$20). Or you can purchase a necklace already made for $20. The pendants are all various prices, from $25-$100; there were enough choices to find one for all of the beads we were using.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pictures from Sunday's Artist Event & some available bears...

Thank you Rebecca Hamilton for taking so many wonderful pictures from the artist event on Sunday~ enjoy!
Bobbie Ripperger panda, the claws were made from tiny sewing pins!

Bobbie Ripperger panda, needle felted.

 Bobbie Ripperger pandas... "He ain't heavy, he's my brother."

Bobbie Ripperger polar bear.

An amazing trio of polars from Bobbie Ripperger.

Two wonderful bears from Alison McKee, eTeddys. 

Steve Schutt & creations!

Panda by Steve Schutt

"The ultimate trick-or-treater" (Steve Schutt) & Autumn Sprite (Schutt/Sanchez)

Mariachi Bear, (Schutt/Sanchez) with Hansa ride-on burro.

Beddie Bye Bears by Steve Schutt

A sleigh full of goodies by Mary Ann Neisz

Fur bears by Sandy Czaja

Bunny love by Sandy Czaja

Autumn Sprite, a Schutt/Sanchez collaboration piece.

The ultimate trick-or-treater by Steve Schutt

Mariachi Bear (Schutt/Sanchez)

Skiing Bear by Sandy Czaja. Soft, white alpaca fur.

Sailor Bear, a Schutt/Sanchez collaboration piece.

Alison McKee creations, Evi & Tilly

These dudes are cool. Suede reindeer by Sandy Czaja.

Diane's Sunday Squeeze!

Krisin & the Mariachi

Pam and her new adoptee.

Needle felted polars by Bobbie Ripperger.

Ultrasoft alpaca "sledding" bear.

Scruffy ol' lion by Sandy Czaja.

RWB Rabbit, by Steve Schutt.

RWB Bunny by Steve Schutt

Kathie... a happy collector.

Sailor Bear, a Schutt/Sanchez collaboration.

Patriotic Jester bear by Steve Schutt

B/W Pandas by Mary Ann Neisz

Roly poly snowpeople... creations by Mary Ann Neisz

Beddie Bye teddies, Steve Schutt

A Lulu Tatum bear...

Awesome polar by Bobbie Ripperger.

Autumn Sprite, a Schutt/Sanchez collaboration.

It was a wonderful show!