Saturday, November 24, 2007


Hello fellow teddy bear lovers!
Wandering around the store with my camera (again)...bears and other animals just jump out and ask to be photographed! Here's a few "faces":

All these lovelies are, of course, attached to bodies that are for sale. Let me know if you see anything that jumps out at you!

Today I have listed a new auction on ebay for this bear:

"UrsaBeara" is a limited edition bear that was produced by Gund in the late 90's as a part of their amazing Signature Collection. She is 21" in size and made of a very scruffy off-white plush fur. The color is actually a bit darker/yellower than the above photos really show. She has 5 joints and a stamped Rita Raiffe signature on her paw. UrsaBeara would be a great addition to any bear collection. She is a very large piece. She has been stocked away for awhile and needs a home! This is Gund Item # 9518. Number 298 of a limited edition of 475. UrsaBeara originally retailed for $150.
I hope you'll have a chance to pop over and make a bid. It's for a great cause!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving from Mostly Bears

Just In From Deb Canham Artist Designs! Country Christmas Mouse; An itty bitty white mouse, riding on (what else) and little pink pig!
And the companion piece to the Country Mouse above, the Country Christmas Santa Set; check out the cow's expression!
Then there's this Hot Edition named Medley, about 3 1/2 inches tall. Great name, by the way:
And what else but Bearnard, our own little wine connoisseur, complete with tux!
Snowflake Dragon. The A/C was blowing his (her??) wispy hair around just like in those supermodel photo shoots!!
Here's my favorite arrival so far, Jade. Reminds me of Robin Hood.
Followed by Sarge. Great top hat!
And last but not least, Thanksgiving:
We do have limited availability on all the pieces above. If you are interested in any of them, let me know. (To send me an email, click here.)
And now for the big news:
We should all be so lucky! Have a great holiday and y'all be safe!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

May We Introduce...

Lukas & Sophie

This is a great offer for the holidays! Lukas and Sophie are the first set of Steiff/R.JohnWright felt dolls to arrive. (We hope to see Mathias and Katharina later this year.) I have photographed them still in their original box and wrapping. The photos do not do them justice! Their outfits are wonderfully detailed, down to Lukas' knitted socks! Their faces are gorgeous. These dolls are numbered alike.

Lukas is outfitted in a fully lined double-breasted felt jacket, felt shorts with embroidered straps, felt undershirt and tie, fully-lined laced felt cap, custom-woven wool socks with tassels and fine hand cobbled leather boots. He is 17 inches tall.

Sophie comes with silk ribbons in her hair. She is costumed in a felt dress with muslin sleeves and collar, a laced felt weskit, floral cotton apron, custom made stockings and undergarments and leather tie shoes. On one arm Sophie carries a custom-made handwoven basket with tiny felt flowers. She is
17" tall.

As a special gift when ordering this pair, we will send you
the classic Steiff "Million Hugs" teddy bear. This 11" bear is made from bronze mohair and wears a specially embroidered dark blue fabric bow which commemorates the centennial with 1907 stitched on one side and 2007 on the other. The dolls can be ordered here.


Saturday, November 10, 2007

A travelin' week

Hello fellow teddy bear lovers! Here's a few of the sights from our recent foray into Texas. I can't even begin to tell you how many times the words "Everything's bigger in Texas..." were uttered by us during the week!
Whew, wow, how utterly huge this state is. It's mind boggling. We drove around for a week and barely touched the surface.
But we did meet these lovely burro/donkey type creatures:
And then managed to find a wonderful metal sculptured bear, during the requisite alpaca ranch/yarn store visit (alpacas in the background): Followed by a rather unique (to us) sight, the roadside cupcake stand: We bought a couple of cupcakes but then decided these were most definitely not on the diet. And we split 1/2 of the bottom half of one. (Really!)We just had to say we bought cupcakes from the Hey Cupcake stand!!
Then we traveled on, and on and on, to our real destination, Big Bend National Park. Since the park is literally on the US/Mexico border, we got to see a bit of the Rio Grande river. We also learned some about life on the border and the many changes (not necessarily good ones) that have come about since the border closed in 2002. This cliff is on the Mexico side: And here's a cool sandy little path we hiked to the old hot springs: And some petroglyphs: The Rio Grande: And an unfortunate sign of the times: Most of the dirt roads in the park are not recommended for motorhomes, even little ones like ours, to traverse, so we will have to return sometime with a Jeep or 4wd car so we can see more.
And lastly...

Time for some bear hugs!

Winners of Stuff

Here's the wrap up of our October Drawing!
Krys S. was the winner of the Annette Funicello teacup bear "Mint Medley":Sharon B. was the winner of the Mary Meyer plush bear "Rosalyn":Sally O. was the winner of the Quarry Critters "Moody & Molly" piece":And last but definitely not least, Laura S. was the winner of the Steiff Good Luck pendant:
Congratulations to all the winners! We'll be running another MB giveaway soon, so stay tuned!
P.S. Winners were picked using this cool random number generator!