Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sneak Preview of Our New Book Listings!

We will soon have a brand new page on our website featuring book listings related to Teddy Bear Making and general reading about Teddy Bears! We hope you'll enjoy our selections...and...if you click onto Amazon through our website to purchase, Mostly Bears will collect a small kickback (i.e. commission)!

We present a preview of our first offerings; three books from one of our favorite teddy bear making authors, Jennifer Laing:

The Art of Making Teddy Bears

This highly practical guide contains three original patterns of varying complexity, all accompanied by detailed instructions. A complete beginner will be able to create really professional bears in a very short time.

Constructing Teddy and His Friends

This book showcases 12 different animal patterns starting with Mortimer the Teddy Bear, then covering animals and fantasy characters from around the world; including Philbert the Golly, Erik the Elf, Nils the Gnome, Ickabod the four-legged bear, Tom Collins the pack rat, Esme the elephant, Viola the monkey (or chimp), Phoebe the Panda, Bluegum the Koala, Ethel the Emu and Reggie the Rabbit. All animals can be made from a range of different fabrics and styles with ideas for variations. Jennifer provides techniques to give the animals open mouths and realistic tongues, whiskers and tufted eyebrows, waxed noses, extra joints for increased pose-ability, wired ears, toes and tails.

Teddy Bear Art

Expert Australian teddy bear maker Jennifer Laing shows you her techniques for sewing the world's most huggable bears. This is a book for those of you who have tried the commercial patterns, have caught the bear making 'bug' and are now wanting to take that next step -- the most exciting one of all. Designing and creating your own teddy bears can bring magic into your life.

Or, as my grandson would say: Ta-daah!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Bear Story

I have carried Dean's Bears at the store for many years now. Way back when, in about 2000 or 2001, when Jill Baxter's "J.B.Scruff" came in, this JB came home with me!
At about the same time, I spotted "Ragamuffin" on line so I decided to order one from Jill. A few weeks later, I received #3 of a limited edition of 4 pieces.

And this scruffy ragamuffiny pair has been together ever since. (Residing in my home)

Which brings us to the auction. In my effort to Reduce,Reuse&Recycle, (and as part of a negotiated settlement with my hubby to make room for people in the house***), I am semi-reluctantly posting this pair in a charity auction on ebay. You can follow along here in my ebay store! Enjoy!

***I made that up! There's a whole bear-free sofa in the living room!

Just look at that face...

And this one...


Saturday, February 7, 2009

A couple more days on ebay....

...for this fave of ours...
Mr. Beddie Bye Teddy (by Steve Schutt) and a little dalmation puppy (from Steiff)
Oops, ebay link here.

A Message For You

Yippie Oh Ki Ay!

Have a great Saturday!

Friday, February 6, 2009

A Fish Story

Hello from the "blog"...
Today's Artist & Friend offering is a story about a boy, er, I mean a Bear and a Fish.
The bear was a happy little bear, with a boyish grin and some curious Tom Sawyerish looking overalls. He stood a whole 13 inches tall when he stood up on his tippy toes. And he liked to go "bear-foot".
(sorry, I couldn't resist.)
One day the boy went out a-fishin' and you cannot imagine what he caught:
A fish as big as big can be!
(comparatively, that is.)
And he took out his trusty measuring tape. And he found out his fish was the biggest fish he had EVER seen...a whole 5 inches, excluding his tail. And he was also the most beautiful fish ever. (seeing as how his fish was made in Germany from lovely mohair by Steiff!)
So, the little bear, who incidentally was named Sandy decided to keep his friend, the fish, forever. And he even slept with him at night. And the little fish never, never, ever smelled even the tiniest bit fishy. Why, that fish had the best manners and grooming habits you ever did see. And that's undoubtedly the happiest bear and fish "tail" (sorry, again) you'll hear this week.
(This pair is listed here on ebay as of a few moments ago.)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Bear and Friend of the Day

Hi all!

Being the punctual person that I am (ha ha)...(those of you who know comments!)...I've jumped ahead of myself and listed our latest installment of "Bear & Friend" on Ebay already!

Here's the link:

And a little bitty sneak preview:


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hot Off The Presses ~ New Worldwide Limited Editions from Steiff!

Enjoy the show...and If anything Jumps Out At Ya', Just Let Me Know!

Teddy Bear And Friend!

Happy Wednesday to all! With V-Day a mere 10 days away, I thought it was time to feature some of our favorite Bear & Friend Pairs from Mostly Bears. (You know, the bears like to play when we're away!)
Today's selection is one of my all time faves...from one of my all time fave artists, Ellen Kislingbury of Kislingbears. "Chester" is a purely FABULOUS tipped mohair with airbrushed details. He's 18 inches tall and has Great Paw Pads.
And Chester's Mostly Bears friend? A 4 inch mohair ladybug made in Germany from Steiff.
What a pair!
Chester and "Friend", together as our first offering for Valentine's Day, are priced at $285. Shipping to anywhere in the world is free! (asterisk: if you live in the far reaches of the world, your package might not arrive by Valentine's day...I speak from experience when I notate this!)
And...stay tuned for our next installment in which we reveal yet another Teddy Bear and Friend. (P.S. Not affiliated with Teddy Bear and Friends, the magazine, except that we sell them here, read them ourselves & recommend them to our friends!)