Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Winners of Goodies

Hello fellow teddy bear lovers~ Happy Election Day!!

I hope you all have been out to VOTE!

And, just so you know...good ol' Starbucks isn't the only one giving stuff away today! (Did you get your free coffee yet?)

Here's the latest winners of the Mostly Bears November Giveaway goodies. (I used your partial email addresses...hopefully you'll recognize yourself!!)

Number 1: Muffy Vanderbear as Goldilocks, to "bearwarn@":

Number 2: Itty bitty blue elephant from Mary Meyer, from "colts4us@":

Number 3: Steiff keychain, plush donkey, to "ednoracres@":

Number 4: Christmas Tree Topper from Boyds, to "flyandsew@":

Number 5: A scruffy little artist bear, to "jackie@":

Number 6: A Gund collectible guy. He would be a cutie with a knitted sweater, to "jtruck@": Now it's back to the TV for me, gotta watch those returns!

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