Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Handful? A pack? A Gaggle?

Hello fellow teddy bear lovers!

There's so much to report about the comings and goings here at Mostly Bears, that I have posted a newsletter for your enjoyment, here.

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I do hope this finds you looking forward to the approaching "lazy days of summer"...and that you may be as blessed as I am...with youngsters & grandkids close by to enjoy them with!

Today, dear reader, I pose a very important question indeed. Those of you who are willing to post an answer will be entered into my special drawing & I guarantee you will love the winning prize!

So, without delay, I must ask...

What is a group of Hedgehogs called?

You see, we find ourselves, indeed, surrounded by hedgies here at Mostly Bears, with more to come soon, when Mary Ann offers her summer bear making, uh... I mean hedgehog-making class!

So, you must find a way to become "Blogger literate" ... hurry! ... and type your answer to our burning question in the section below to be eligible for the prize! (click below this blog entry on "comments", you will be prompted to sign in to Google if you haven't already... sign-in is free & easy ...)

The winner will be randomly chosen from the correct entries, and will receive:

As my grandson would say: Ta Da!

Steiff Sniffy Hedgehog Keyring...mohair...very cute...everyone needs one!

Best of Luck!


Linda Beckert said...

Hedgehogs are solitary creatures, so you wouldn't find a big group together, but if that happened somehow, they would be called a herd.

Mari Beth said...

Why it's a HERD of hedgehogs!

Mari Beth Roland

Mari Beth said...

It's a HERD of hedgehogs!

Mari Beth Roland

jnlnov20 said...

A group of Hedgehogs is called an array.

jnlnov20 said...

A group of Hedgehogs is called an array.

Marti said...

Hi Trish!
They would be a herd!

Beth said...

That would be a HERD of hedgehogs. There would only be a herd, though if they were pets. In the wild they are solitary creatures. (Like Linda said)

Cheryl said...

Hedgehogs families can be called packs, herds, prickles, or arrays.

Elizabeth Weaver said...

Hedgehogs are found in litters when young as they grow up they prefer to be alone.

Cherie said...

yes, hedgehogs in the wild ARE solitary creatures. And yes, hedgehogs that are captive are called a herd! BUT, hedgehogs in a group at Mostly Bears are DEFINITELY called "TOO CUTE"!!!
Wish I could come back down for the class

Cherie said...

hmmm, i think my first attempt didn't work, so:
Yes, a hedgehog is a solitary animal in the wild. Yes, a captive group of hedgehogs is called a herd. BUT, a group of hedgehogs living at Mostly Bears is DEFINITELY called "WAY CUTE"!!
Wish i could come to the class, i know you'll all have fun making those precious hedgehogs!