Thursday, July 16, 2009

Winner of the Hedgie Drawing

Well, dear reader, we are rapidly approaching hedgehog week (aka Mary Ann's hedgehog class) at Mostly Bears.
In honor of this momentous occasion, I have randomly chosen the winner (finally) of the hedgehog drawing offered in an earlier blog entry.
It seems the consensus of comments left on the entry was "herd" as the answer to the burning question..."What's a group of hedgehogs called?" Which is the same answer I came up with when I googled it.
I personally liked Cherie's comment, though, and give honorable mention to her for stating that a group of hedgehogs, when found at Mostly Bears, would be called "too cute"!


The winner is...


Oh, Ok, I'll just tell you....

The winner is, Beth.

Ta Da!

Beth, you have won a lovely Steiff hedgie keyring...


p.s. the randomness of this drawing occurred as follows: I assigned a number to each of the names from the comments in the blog entry. I then called out to my husband in the other room..."Ron, pick a number between one and eight."

He said, (of course), "why?"...

I said, "Really? Um, well there's this drawing...herd of's too hard to explain...just pick a number."

Hesitation..."ok, uh, six."

"Thanks, honey, you're the best!"

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