Monday, May 3, 2010

Non Profit Organization?

Times are tough all over... and never tougher for charitable organizations of all types.
We've been trying to make a little dent... raffles, silent auction donations, ebay giving works, etc. (running joke in the store goes like this... "if you didn't give so much stuff away, you might just make a profit someday" or "maybe Mostly Bears should apply for non-profit status" :)
But the truth is, we've received WAY more in return than we have given... met great people, shared some wonderful and uplifting stories, been sent priceless cards and photos and been blessed in so many other ways.
This week, as my family and I celebrate a personal blessing... 8 years since my husband's miraculous recovery from sudden cardiac death... we look forward to many, many more years of giving back, in any and every way we can.
To all our fans and customers, new and old, thank you so very much for following along. And stay tuned for the next "FUN"draiser!

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