Saturday, June 5, 2010

Today's drawing & a fundraiser for TBRH

Hello fellow roadies & teddy bear lovers,
Today's adventure has begun at the RV repair garage... and will hopefully end with some happy travel, inching a bit closer to Iowa...
The good news is the problem has been diagnosed, the parts are in stock, and it's all under warranty! We really didn't want to spend our "bear money" on engine repairs!

Today's drawing is for this happy softie:

A squishy ever so soft and huggable duck from Gund!

And the winner is:

Leonie B.


Today, we'd also love to raise some money for the Teddy Bear Reunion as we puddle along in the bear store on wheels. All monies raised at TBRH are used for charity and Mostly Bears would like to add to their coffers when we get there, so we'll be offering some fun items for sale as we go along...
First up, this Hansa dodo bird is about 11" in size, wired feet for posing, sale price $27, (regular $33), 100% of the purchase will go to TBRH!

Here's an intriguing thought for the day...

10 year old's perception of where we're headed!    If only...

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