Saturday, June 2, 2007

Oh Canada!

Today’s adventure started out with this view from our campsite this morning:
My Dad used to build birdhouses similar to this and he placed them strategically around the property. He would let them weather naturally and after a winter of sitting outside in the elements, they would turn a lovely barn board grey color. I have clear memories from my childhood of lifting up the top of the birdhouse just enough to see the baby birds inside.

We made it to Niagara Falls and I must say it was spectacular. We could definitely leave the tourist stuff, which was pretty terrible on both sides of the border. But the Park on the U.S. side and the falls themselves are definitely a must see.Here’s the tourist boat bringing plastic covered tourists close enough to Horseshoe Falls to get soaked:And here’s the tourists getting soaked:Uhh, we opted out of that part of the adventure!

Now we have crossed over into Canada and are camping somewhere in the woods north of Toronto. Amazingly, we have internet access here.
As I write this, I realize we are missing Boyd’s Bear Country Jamboree and hope everyone there is having a great weekend!

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