Saturday, November 24, 2007


Hello fellow teddy bear lovers!
Wandering around the store with my camera (again)...bears and other animals just jump out and ask to be photographed! Here's a few "faces":

All these lovelies are, of course, attached to bodies that are for sale. Let me know if you see anything that jumps out at you!

Today I have listed a new auction on ebay for this bear:

"UrsaBeara" is a limited edition bear that was produced by Gund in the late 90's as a part of their amazing Signature Collection. She is 21" in size and made of a very scruffy off-white plush fur. The color is actually a bit darker/yellower than the above photos really show. She has 5 joints and a stamped Rita Raiffe signature on her paw. UrsaBeara would be a great addition to any bear collection. She is a very large piece. She has been stocked away for awhile and needs a home! This is Gund Item # 9518. Number 298 of a limited edition of 475. UrsaBeara originally retailed for $150.
I hope you'll have a chance to pop over and make a bid. It's for a great cause!

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