Saturday, November 10, 2007

A travelin' week

Hello fellow teddy bear lovers! Here's a few of the sights from our recent foray into Texas. I can't even begin to tell you how many times the words "Everything's bigger in Texas..." were uttered by us during the week!
Whew, wow, how utterly huge this state is. It's mind boggling. We drove around for a week and barely touched the surface.
But we did meet these lovely burro/donkey type creatures:
And then managed to find a wonderful metal sculptured bear, during the requisite alpaca ranch/yarn store visit (alpacas in the background): Followed by a rather unique (to us) sight, the roadside cupcake stand: We bought a couple of cupcakes but then decided these were most definitely not on the diet. And we split 1/2 of the bottom half of one. (Really!)We just had to say we bought cupcakes from the Hey Cupcake stand!!
Then we traveled on, and on and on, to our real destination, Big Bend National Park. Since the park is literally on the US/Mexico border, we got to see a bit of the Rio Grande river. We also learned some about life on the border and the many changes (not necessarily good ones) that have come about since the border closed in 2002. This cliff is on the Mexico side: And here's a cool sandy little path we hiked to the old hot springs: And some petroglyphs: The Rio Grande: And an unfortunate sign of the times: Most of the dirt roads in the park are not recommended for motorhomes, even little ones like ours, to traverse, so we will have to return sometime with a Jeep or 4wd car so we can see more.
And lastly...

Time for some bear hugs!

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