Friday, January 23, 2009

Today's Featured Artist Piece and a Love Story!

"A Tail Of Two Bunnies"
Once upon a time there were two fabulous creamy white curly matted mohair bunnies made by artist Mary Ann Neisz! They both stood tall and say, oh, about 18 inches in size. They were amazingly limber with their 5 disk joints. And they absolutely loved their smoky pink ultrasuede paw pads.
They kept an eye on each other with their ultrasuede eyelidded eyes...his lids brown and hers (of course) mascara'd with black...
One day, the boy bunny (lets call him Harvey Hare, shall we?), decided to visit the girl bunny. We'll call her Harriet Hare. He brought a bouquet of red roses (Harriet's favorite, no doubt) and with hat in hand, he proposed they live happily ever after.
She accepted.
They romped through the countryside and past a lovely fountain. Once, Harriet even lost her black boa... and Harvey could see that she had the same puffy alpaca tail has he did! They lived happily ever after...

I mean, they WILL live happily ever after once they get adopted! A great Valentine pair...Harvey and Harriet Hare.

Regular $420. During our January sale, H&H Hare are just $378! Enjoy!

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