Saturday, January 31, 2009


Forgot to blog yesterday!

We were left with the unanswered burning question of the day: What is a Knarf? And what is this Knarf thinking? (or something like that...)


Drum roll please......


As you may have guessed a Knarf is a really wonderful bear by artist Maria Devlieghere of Knarf-bears from Belgium. And this is Father Grimm, a great scruffy bear who just happens to be a "millenium" kind of a guy...he's dated January 2000 and is #1 of 3 LE. F.Grimm is about 14 inches in size, made from a really amazing scruffy, long, sparse mohair. Though he doesn't have super tight joints, he sits up quite nicely. His original price was $125, now on sale for $75.

F.G. (which he likes to be referred to, by the way) is probably bound for ebay in the next few days. If he is calling to you, let me know! Enjoy!

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