Saturday, November 20, 2010

Gift Idea #1

Christmas Countdown ~ 35 days 'til Christmas...

If you're looking for a wonderful, unique gift for someone special,
(or a sweet little pick-me-up for yourself :),
Mostly Bears can help!

Gift Idea #1:
From artist-extraordinaire Sandy Czaja
made from re-purposed fur coats,
lovingly stitched and sculpted...

Far left, "Lil' Bit" , a 13" mink bear, light brown color. $185.

Second from left, "Smudge", an 8" mink bear, light brown color. $150

3rd from left, "Smudge 2", an 8" mink bear, light brown color. $150.

Far right, "Mimi", a 13" dark brown Russian squirrel fur bear.

Send me off an email if you'd like one of these lovelies for your own... or for someone special...

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