Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pictures from Sunday's Artist Event & some available bears...

Thank you Rebecca Hamilton for taking so many wonderful pictures from the artist event on Sunday~ enjoy!
Bobbie Ripperger panda, the claws were made from tiny sewing pins!

Bobbie Ripperger panda, needle felted.

 Bobbie Ripperger pandas... "He ain't heavy, he's my brother."

Bobbie Ripperger polar bear.

An amazing trio of polars from Bobbie Ripperger.

Two wonderful bears from Alison McKee, eTeddys. 

Steve Schutt & creations!

Panda by Steve Schutt

"The ultimate trick-or-treater" (Steve Schutt) & Autumn Sprite (Schutt/Sanchez)

Mariachi Bear, (Schutt/Sanchez) with Hansa ride-on burro.

Beddie Bye Bears by Steve Schutt

A sleigh full of goodies by Mary Ann Neisz

Fur bears by Sandy Czaja

Bunny love by Sandy Czaja

Autumn Sprite, a Schutt/Sanchez collaboration piece.

The ultimate trick-or-treater by Steve Schutt

Mariachi Bear (Schutt/Sanchez)

Skiing Bear by Sandy Czaja. Soft, white alpaca fur.

Sailor Bear, a Schutt/Sanchez collaboration piece.

Alison McKee creations, Evi & Tilly

These dudes are cool. Suede reindeer by Sandy Czaja.

Diane's Sunday Squeeze!

Krisin & the Mariachi

Pam and her new adoptee.

Needle felted polars by Bobbie Ripperger.

Ultrasoft alpaca "sledding" bear.

Scruffy ol' lion by Sandy Czaja.

RWB Rabbit, by Steve Schutt.

RWB Bunny by Steve Schutt

Kathie... a happy collector.

Sailor Bear, a Schutt/Sanchez collaboration.

Patriotic Jester bear by Steve Schutt

B/W Pandas by Mary Ann Neisz

Roly poly snowpeople... creations by Mary Ann Neisz

Beddie Bye teddies, Steve Schutt

A Lulu Tatum bear...

Awesome polar by Bobbie Ripperger.

Autumn Sprite, a Schutt/Sanchez collaboration.

It was a wonderful show!

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Julia said...

OMG I love all these bears and pandas!! I do a lot of needle felting too and I'm actually opening a shop where the profits are donated to the WWF! It's really exciting!!