Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Teddy Bear And Friend!

Happy Wednesday to all! With V-Day a mere 10 days away, I thought it was time to feature some of our favorite Bear & Friend Pairs from Mostly Bears. (You know, the bears like to play when we're away!)
Today's selection is one of my all time faves...from one of my all time fave artists, Ellen Kislingbury of Kislingbears. "Chester" is a purely FABULOUS tipped mohair with airbrushed details. He's 18 inches tall and has Great Paw Pads.
And Chester's Mostly Bears friend? A 4 inch mohair ladybug made in Germany from Steiff.
What a pair!
Chester and "Friend", together as our first offering for Valentine's Day, are priced at $285. Shipping to anywhere in the world is free! (asterisk: if you live in the far reaches of the world, your package might not arrive by Valentine's day...I speak from experience when I notate this!)
And...stay tuned for our next installment in which we reveal yet another Teddy Bear and Friend. (P.S. Not affiliated with Teddy Bear and Friends, the magazine, except that we sell them here, read them ourselves & recommend them to our friends!)

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