Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Bear Story

I have carried Dean's Bears at the store for many years now. Way back when, in about 2000 or 2001, when Jill Baxter's "J.B.Scruff" came in, this JB came home with me!
At about the same time, I spotted "Ragamuffin" on line so I decided to order one from Jill. A few weeks later, I received #3 of a limited edition of 4 pieces.

And this scruffy ragamuffiny pair has been together ever since. (Residing in my home)

Which brings us to the auction. In my effort to Reduce,Reuse&Recycle, (and as part of a negotiated settlement with my hubby to make room for people in the house***), I am semi-reluctantly posting this pair in a charity auction on ebay. You can follow along here in my ebay store! Enjoy!

***I made that up! There's a whole bear-free sofa in the living room!

Just look at that face...

And this one...


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