Friday, February 6, 2009

A Fish Story

Hello from the "blog"...
Today's Artist & Friend offering is a story about a boy, er, I mean a Bear and a Fish.
The bear was a happy little bear, with a boyish grin and some curious Tom Sawyerish looking overalls. He stood a whole 13 inches tall when he stood up on his tippy toes. And he liked to go "bear-foot".
(sorry, I couldn't resist.)
One day the boy went out a-fishin' and you cannot imagine what he caught:
A fish as big as big can be!
(comparatively, that is.)
And he took out his trusty measuring tape. And he found out his fish was the biggest fish he had EVER seen...a whole 5 inches, excluding his tail. And he was also the most beautiful fish ever. (seeing as how his fish was made in Germany from lovely mohair by Steiff!)
So, the little bear, who incidentally was named Sandy decided to keep his friend, the fish, forever. And he even slept with him at night. And the little fish never, never, ever smelled even the tiniest bit fishy. Why, that fish had the best manners and grooming habits you ever did see. And that's undoubtedly the happiest bear and fish "tail" (sorry, again) you'll hear this week.
(This pair is listed here on ebay as of a few moments ago.)

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