Sunday, February 13, 2011

One Steiff A Day: Anniversary Zotty

The Steiff 2011 Worldwide Limited Edition collection is now available for pre-order at Mostly Bears. For the month of February, we'll be featuring "One Steiff A Day".

Today, may we introduce,

Anniversary Zotty

Anniversaries and birthdays are always big occasions at Steiff. We love to celebrate, and this year, we have a special reason to have a party. Zotty, a Steiff all-time classic, turns 60! And to mark the occasion, we've brought him to life in his original. He's sewn from caramel tipped mohair with a peach-coloured "bib", and wears an orange bow around his neck. Like all his Zotty cousins that have come before him, he has a short mohair muzzle, endearing glass pupil eyes, a hand-stitched nose and a hint of airbrushing. It's hard to believe that legendary Zotty is now 60 years old. Join in the celebrations and make him a part of your collection this year.

EAN 036903, 11 inches, LE 1000, $250.
Preorders may be placed on the website. Refundable deposit of $50 holds your piece. All pieces ordered by 2/20/11 will receive a $25 store credit to use on any purchase from Mostly Bears.

Thanks for looking! :)

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