Friday, February 4, 2011

One Steiff A Day: Arco Polar Bear

The Steiff 2011 Worldwide Limited Edition collection is now available for pre-order at Mostly Bears. For the month of February, we'll be featuring "One Steiff A Day".

May we introduce,
Arco Polar Bear!

With their playful antics, cuddly bodies, and enchanting faces, it's easy to love polar bears. And it's especially easy to love our polar bear on all fours. Standing at a formidable 55 centimetres, he's a commanding presence - giving you lots and lots to hug. Arco is the follow-up to our tremendously popular Grizzly on All Fours from last year, and we think he's even more appealing. He's made from white alpaca and features airbrushed accents that add realism to his character. While his body looks like a real polar bear's, his (jointed) head and face are more Teddy-like, making him especially charming. Regardless of whether you bought last year's Grizzly, you'll definitely want to make a spot in your collection for our Arco Polar Bear on All Fours.

EAN 036347, 22 inches, LE 1000, $560.

Preorders may be placed on the website. Refundable deposit of $100 holds your piece. All pieces ordered by 2/11/11 will receive a $56 store credit to use on any purchase from Mostly Bears.

Thanks for looking! :)

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