Monday, October 25, 2010

Bear-du-jour :)

Happy Monday & welcome to "Octobearfest the 25th."

Today's offering is... Steiff "Barry" polar bear cub...
It’s a good thing this little polar bear cub has such a big appetite – just look at the size of the fish he’s caught! You’re sure to fall in love with Barry, the cutest little polar bear cub since Knut! Made of rich alpaca, Barry holds his dinner in his paws: an elaborately airbrushed colorful fish. With his charming expression, slightly chubby body, and inviting coat, Barry begs to be held and stroked. And who could resist? You don’t have to be a polar bear collector to appreciate this very special piece. It’s an all-new design that’s destined to become a contemporary classic. He’s sure to become one of your all-time favorites.

12 inches. EAN 036583. Reg. $278

Special for Octobearfest $240 (And $25 of the purchase price will go to Tours of Peace)

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