Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Eighteenth! A Very Special Day Indeed :)

"OctoBEARfest" the 18th...

IS a special day... my birthday!

And to celebrate, I'm taking the day off! (I'm even posting this the night before)

I plan to disconnect myself from technology all day. 

So, I hope y'all have an enjoyable October the 18th, which, in my humble opinion, really should be a Holiday...

BTW, I love ladybugs, (I used to drive a bright red VW beetle, which my grandkids nicknamed "Nana's ladybug", but unfortunately it got stepped on by a bigger bug. (i.e. truck... nobody got hurt, thankfully))

Anyway, that's why today's Octobearfest offering is this little beauty, a 2" Steiff mohair ladybug keyring.

Regular price, $37.50, Special for OctoBEARfest, $35. (And $5 of your purchase goes to Tours of Peace.)

p.s. Purchase Keyring below... this link will take you to our secure shopping cart.

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