Monday, October 4, 2010

Octo"bear"fest 4

Our offering today is a Deb Canham Artist Designs "InBetweenie", Dilly & Dino.
Yes, this is a retired piece & yes, I admit I've been sort-of keeping Dilly "under the radar" at the store for quite some time. As most of my regular customers know, the best and most wonderful bears are usually stashed a wee bit out of the way, tucked in here and tucked in there.
Once, there was a rumor that maybe the owner doesn't REALLY want to sell ALL the bears... so, our advice to you is, if you get a chance to stop into Mostly Bears in person, be sure to check the nooks and crannies, you might just discover a wonderful treasure, such as Dilly & Dino here...
5" mohair, airbrushed details, jointed. With colorful fabric dinosaur. Original price $100. Special for Octobearfest $90. $5 of your purchase goes to Tours of Peace.

Thanks for looking!
p.s. Purchase Dilly & Dino below... this link will take you to our secure shopping cart.

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